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Creating and managing your catalogue as an InDesign book file

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EasyCatalog includes additional functionality to support the management of larger catalogues using book files within InDesign.

Using a book file gives your significant advantages, including:

  • Better application performance
  • Ability for different team members to work on different parts of the catalogue simultaneously
  • Consistency of styles across the document
  • Maintain continuous page numbering
  • Refresh all data in a single update
  • Export final print-ready PDF as a single document

Product data

Product data used to create book files is held within a single EasyCatalog panel. Loading separate data files for each chapter is not recommended.

Paginated catalogue pages

Each chapter or section of the catalogue is typically saved as a separate InDesign file.

Learn more

Learn more about book files with our Managing book files within Adobe InDesign guide.

Learn about specific EasyCatalog functionality for book files with our EasyCatalog book menu reference.




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